Creatinine, Random Urine


Test code 8459


CPT code(s) 82570


Methodology Colorimetric • Kinetic


Reference range(s)


≤6 months 2-32 Mg/dl
7-11 months 2-36 Mg/dl
1-2 years 2-128 Mg/dl
3-8 years 2-149 Mg/dl
9-12 years 2-183 Mg/dl
>12 years male 20-370 Mg/dl
>12 years female 20-320 Mg/dl


Clinical significance Creatinine is the endproduct of creatine metabolism. Creatine is present primarily in muscle and the amount of creatinine produced is related to total skeletal muscle mass. Daily creatinine production is fairly constant except when there is massive injury to muscle. The kidneys excrete creatinine very efficiently and blood levels and daily urinary excretion of creatinine fluctuates very little in healthy normal people. Since blood and daily urine excretion of creatinine shows minimal fluctuation, creatinine excretion is useful in determining whether 24-hour urine specimens for other analytes (e.g., protein) have been completely and accurately collected.


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