Test code 394


CPT code(s) 87070


Includes if culture is positive, identification will be performed at an additional charge (CPT code(s): 87077 or 87140 or 87143 or 87147 or 87149).
Antibiotic susceptibilities are only performed when appropriate (CPT code(s): 87181 or 87184 or 87185 or 87186).


Methodology Bacterial culture, Aerobic routine isolation and Identification procedures; Antibiotic susceptibility testing (when appropriate)


Limitations Test does not differentiate between patient with acute infection or an asymptomatic carrier.


Clinical significance The significance of any isolate in pure or mixed culture must be assessed with respect to the source cultured, the organism’s pathogenic potential, the possibility of colonization versus infection, and the number of other organisms recovered in the same culture. This test may be useful in the detection of agents of epiglottis and thrush and a. Haemolyticum.


Alternative name(s) throat culture and susceptibility