Office Efficiency

Office Efficiency

At PDL, we help you maximize both your time and your resources.


COMTRON/Labgen physician portal.


Through our affiliation with Quest Diagnostics, we are proud to offer the COMTRON/Labgen Physician Portal, a premier electronic network for patient information management. With , essential OMTRON/Labgen physician portal patient data is there when you need it. It’s easily retrieved from any Internet connection, and can be utilized and shared with colleagues within or outside of your office. COMTRON/Labgen physician portal offers:


  • Access to clinical information – such as lab test orders, results and prescription
  • information – from your office, any Internet connection and even mobile devices
  • Expansive electronic patient records
  • Integration with multiple data sources, such as EMRs
  • Securely share clinical information with payers and colleagues within and beyond your office, and lab test results with patients using a participating Health Management Service


Electronic Integration

If your practice already uses a customized EMR or PMS system, a PDL electronic interface can bridge patient demographic and test results directly with your own medical records system.


Mobile Access

Accommodate your schedule with the ability to manage your caseload anytime, anywhere with “COMTRON/Labgen physician portal” mobility interface. This HIPAA-compliant mobile application can be used from mobile devices including the iPhone and is ideal for when you’re on call or just on the go. With it, you can:


  • Access medication history and lab results
  •        View lab results, add notes for follow-up and mark as reviewed.
  •  Easily complete tasks, such as prescription ordering or renewal requests